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The Truth About Our Company A Wide range range of Chemical Products.

Chemicals play an important part in our life and we come across umpteen of them in our day to day activities. We are quiet unaware of chemical uses and in this blog you will see examples of chemicals that keep our life going smooth. These chemicals are used either in combined form or as some reagents

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Hand sanitizer is in the form of a liquid or a gel and is used to kill germs present on hands within 30 sec of its contact. Liquid sanitizers are preferable as they establish best contact when compared to gels.However, when it needs to be carried gel type hand sanitizers can be used for convenience of portability.

Musturd Oil

Just like most cooking oils, mustard oil has a diverse set of applications. You can use it to sauté or stir-fry vegetables, and its aromatic qualities make it perfect for heating spices and chilies for tadka—the hot, seasoned oil that's used as a finishing touch for many dishes.

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